Images by Jon Evan







Jon Glaser

Images by Jon Evan

Delray Beach, FL


There is something fulfilling about capturing a moment in time�particularly as the sun makes its first or last appearance. My photographic work reflects an affinity for movement and sound; the latter reminiscent of a song, starting calmly, building strength, power and energy, until the shutter releases and the image is recorded as the ultimate crescendo.

While I am mostly drawn to the grand landscape, my portfolio includes macro, still life and abstract work as well, showcasing a relationship between color and light.

Born and raised in Southern California, South Florida has been my home for more than 20 years.

While photography has always been an inherent part of my life, I began my career as a fine art photographer following my retirement from restorative dentistry. As a firm believer in learning by doing, I worked on honing my craft at the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Old School Square in Delray Beach and the Palm Beach Photographic Centre, as well as working with professional photographers at workshops around the country.

I currently reside in Delray Beach with my wife, our two border collies and camera-shy boxer mix.

NOTE: All photographs have been minimally processed with Photoshop (very minor manipulation/adjustment). Images depict a true representation of both location and visualization. Please contact me with any questions.

All images are available on Fine Art America or,

As signed artist proofs in the following sizes:
13"x19" unframed on Luster photographic paper
17"x25" unframed on Luster photographic paper
20"x30" Printed on Metallic and Mounted on Plexiglass

Artist proofs are limited to a total of 9 editions in a particular size. They are signed and numbered on the back of the photograph. They also include a Certificate of Authenticity.

In addition, I use the latest technology, the highest-quality papers, and newest archival inks on my signed prints. They include a 5mm white border to ensure proper handling and to minimize the potential for fingerprints.


Sweeping Clouds by Jon Glaser


The Past by Jon Glaser


Colors of the Past by Jon Glaser


Rainbow in the San Juan Mountains by Jon Glaser


Light on Shiprock by Jon Glaser


Further in the Canyon by Jon Glaser


Spire to Elysium by Jon Glaser


Monoliths by Jon Glaser


Tunnel in Charleston by Jon Glaser


Enjoying the Calm by Jon Glaser


Tunnel on Botany Bay by Jon Glaser


A Maze by Jon Glaser


Sacred Glow by Jon Glaser


Sacred Glow II by Jon Glaser


Sacred Spire by Jon Glaser


Long Pine BW by Jon Glaser


Lost Souls in the Desert by Jon Glaser


Shadows in Antelope Canyon by Jon Glaser


Peaks in the Valley by Jon Glaser


Journey Thru the Shadows by Jon Glaser


Just Around the Corner by Jon Glaser


Turnbull Waters by Jon Glaser


Light of a Different Kind by Jon Glaser


Where to Go by Jon Glaser


Variants of Sand Drifts by Jon Glaser


Obscurred Moraine Lake by Jon Glaser


Marshlands in Washington by Jon Glaser


Blurred Reality by Jon Glaser


Dunes in Shadow by Jon Glaser


Lines in the Canyon by Jon Glaser


Stranded on the Beach by Jon Glaser


Moving Yet Still by Jon Glaser


Washed Ashore by Jon Glaser


Just After Sundown by Jon Glaser


Sunrise in the Canyon by Jon Glaser


Grand Sunrise by Jon Glaser


First Light in the Canyon by Jon Glaser


Ancient Voices by Jon Glaser


Just the Light by Jon Glaser


Ocean Rhythm by Jon Glaser


Limited and Restricted by Jon Glaser


Twists and Turns by Jon Glaser


Twists and Turns II by Jon Glaser


Super Moon in Monument Valley by Jon Glaser


Waiting for Sunlight by Jon Glaser


Into the Depths by Jon Glaser


Shadows Secluded by Jon Glaser


Remote yet Imposing by Jon Glaser