When Traveling for Photography, remember to go with the flow

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I just got back from a recent trip to Banff National Park. I knew when I booked the trip that it June was their "rainy" season. Well, not only didit rain, but it rained more in 2 days while I was there than it had in 6 months.

They got so much rain, that my scheduled photography outings got washed
out. Thats right, the road washed out leading into banff, trapping
vacationers for days. I was one of them!. The main bridge connecting
Banff to Calgary crumbled and there was no way for anyone to leave.
Individuals that came just for the day, had to find hotel accommodations.

Not only were the roads washed out, but do to flooding, half of my trip
washed out too. The first group of locations turned to mud. And, then
became so flooded that the parks department sectioned off those areas
preventing traveling. Not only that, but the power went out two days
later when flooding occurred at the local power facility. Then, we lost
telephone service for another full day. No land lines or cellphones.

So, I waited. I was prepared to extend my trip. However, 4 days later
things improved drastically. The roads north of me in Lake Louis were
opened and my trip took a turn for the better.

Although, I was slightly stressed when this drama started to unfold, I
also realized that all was not lost. Not completely! And, by the end of
the 12 day trip, I had some great photographs!